This is

Why is it good? is the first NFT platform, which is legalizing NFTs with its unique NFT components, while leveraging the native WISe.Key cyber-security stack to also secure digital IDs ofphysical objects as NFTs. It is important to to operate with green tech and hence allowing for a carbon-neutral platform.

Who benefits?

Everyone. Cultural institutions & Artists can monetize their digital and physical goods, while securing a royalty for sales on a subsequent secondary market. Buyers can purchase high-end and legally secured NFTS, while participating on a sale, also if they didn’t win the auction. Liquidity providers will be in future able to set prices for NFTs with Ocean Protocol Technology. Our Environment says thank you to you and Menthol Protocol, keeping carbon-neutral.

How to participate?

  • Sell your physical or digital art via and leverage the digital economy.
  • Purchase legally secured NFTS and earn $TEC token rewards for auction bids.
  • Become a member of the DAO and govern a trusted, green and legal platform.
  • Provide DeFi liquidity for Automated Market Pricing to NFTs in future.