is a legal, trusted and green platform agnostic dApp also operating as a Platform-as-a-Service provider venturing on the Polygon Network.


brands, artists, creatives, communities, curators, cultural institutions, cities and investors,


to either drop NFTs or create an own NFT platform for the own community.


traditional and crypto art lovers.

Why Wise.art

Legal Inside

Bringing legal security through integrating notary contracts and chip technology with digitally signed NFTs secured by Wisekey

Vertical Architecture

WISeKey has built the world’s first integrated Cybersecurity Trust Platform that uses the combination of Secure Chips, IA and Trust Services to enable, manage and automate secure transactions between people, applications or objects


Wise.art offers KYC and AML functionalities and ensures by design a authenticated provenance trail of the NFT

Green NFT Technology

Wise.art is utilizing Menthol Protocol CO2free as a Service to calculate onchain energy consumption and offset with decentralized procurement of CO2certificates


Wise.art’s economy is 100% token-centric and will support and incentivize liquidity provision & NFT sales and participation activities extraordinarily. Ultimately, fees will need to be paid in our native TEC DAO token, of which the vast majority will be immediately burned

The TEC DAO token utility builds the central element of our ecosystem. It is the primary factor to obtain a high wise.art.score, where features, airdrops, auctions and options are unlocked at certain token thresholds. We are fully committed to utilizing our token to incentivize vital growth within our community.

Progressive vertical AI based architecture

Wise.art dApp technology & NFT architecture is redefining the dimensions trust, legal and environment secured by Wise.Key & Bleockchain technology.

Wise.art NFT dApp technology leverages twofold:Hereby, Wise.Key builds on a proprietary cyber-security and AI technology stack & services to authenticate physical and digital objects while leveraging Blockchain to allow for decentral and novel pricing as well as innovative ecosystem business models.

The combination of the native cyber-security and AI technology stack with the decentral ledger technologies allowing for a digital melting pot of physical & traditional and crypto art, luxury good, and collectibles.

Trusted Seed Ecosystem

We continuously integrate innovative chains with great communities. Our Blockchain Seed-Partners Scaleswap, Menthol Protocol, Lunik Labs, Casper Labs, Ocean Protocol, Polygon & Ethereum as well as Rocket Blockchain are bringing together creative teams and communities with innovative technologies and business models.

Wise.art is takingresponsibilty

We at Wise.art are convinced that responsible business practices are the driving force behind a successful business.

We firmly believe that enterprises have the power to enact positive changes through sustainable business practices and make a positive impact in the world.

Therefore, we engage in projects that aim to generate positive social, economic and environmental impacts, empowering the less fortunate populations of our planet and granting them the same chances to succeed and reach their goals and dreams.

Blockchain Social Responsibility

We have a fixed percentage of every NFT sale being allocated to social & eco-friendly projects governed by the TEC DAO Token. Hereby, we have a project launching before Christmas 2021, which will allow to contribute to Humanitarian NFTs, enabling direct investment to less fortunate population of our planet.

Blockchain Community Responsibility

We have a fixed percentage of every NFT sale being allocated to the community for bidding, referring new users, artists, NFTs, ecosystem partners. We will enable a fixed percentage of royalty, allowing those in the first tier 1 of creating the NFT along the process, artist, curator, referral, 1st User, etc. to participate also in the secondary market. This means that for instance the artists, will also benefit from an increase of the art value once realized through a sale.

Using Menthol Protocol

Menthol Protocol is the first multi-chain decentralized sustainability protocol that will automatically power Wise.art transactions with verified renewable energy and carbon credits from around the world. We are menthol.

The Wise.art Team

Highly motivated experts, advisors and leaders. Bringing the next generation security to the digital world.

Wise.Art Roadmap

Aug/Sep 2021
  • Launch NFT-BETA marketplace
  • Preperation of NFT Funnel
  • Private Sale TEC token
  • Community Events
Sep/Oct 2021
  • Private & Public Sale TEC
- Token Generation Event & Listing of TEC
  • Auction Crypto NFTs and further Star NFTs
  • Provide Green NFT certificates
Oct/Nov 2021
  • Onboarding of large Auction houses to marketplace
  • Ocean & Casper Labs integration
  • Introduce Green NFT label for others
From Dec 2021
  • Multi-chain marketplace with large user bases
  • Go-To NFT certification technology and marketplace

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